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This year Creativity World Forum took place in a truly Danish city called Aarhus. Top global creative leaders and thinkers, like Steve Vranakis (GOOGLE CREATIVE LAB), Tom Kelley (IDEO) and Frederik Andersen (VICE), gathered last week in this capital of danish happiness called "hygge".

2 days, 27 venues, more than 2000 participants, more than 38 different breakout sessions and a great party. That is how it was. Seems like all the progressive danish crowd gathered here, mixed with international creatives from all over the world, including me, a representative of unknown creative heart of Eastern Europe called Belarus.
An honor to start the conference was entrusted to Tom Kelley, general manager and partner of renowned IDEO agency that provides consulting in the field of design and innovation and works all over the world, from San Francisco to Tokyo. It must be admitted, this guy with remarkable moustache really rocked the stage. In a very engaging manner he shared the results of their work, which mainly consists of the daily practice of innovation, his thoughts after talking with Steve Jobs, and on how best ideas are born, and etc.
In his speech Tom proclaimed:
"Creativity is not someone possess and others — do not"
Tom Kelley has written a book about Сreative Confidence, describing it as is a skill which we all can develop and which is giving us an oppurtunity to be:
A. resilient in today's fast changing world,
B. ready for innovations to happen;

Creative confidence is also the very instrument, which helps us in design-thinking (user-centered method of creation of products)
Tom Kelley has identified three pillars,
on which design-thinking is standing:
- empathy;
- experimenting;
- storytelling.
For developing empathy skill while creating a your product, Tom adveses to practice one very interesting state of mind, which he calls "vujade".

We all know French word dejavu, which applies to situations when we find ourselves in moments which seemed to be already happened with us before and we know it. Tom proposes to practice the opposite feeling — vujade — the situation when we don't know anything as if we have appeared somewhere for the first time in our life. What is like to use this pen if you don't know how to use it? Or to open this box or sit in this chair as if no one had ever said you before how to do it?
"The world is not made of atoms, it is made of stories"
When Tom begins to talk about the role storyteling, he recalls how once Steve Jobs presented the iPod. It was a real technical breakthrough, but the presentation wasn't full of complicated technical terms. Instead, Steve just picked up this tiny iPod and said: "This is 10,000 songs in your pocket", — and everyone immediately wanted to get that magic thing.
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